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Advancing Marijuana Legalization for 5 Decades

The Leading Authority on Marijuana, Ed Rosenthal Authors New Book, 'Cannabis Grower’s Handbook'

The benefits of marijuana have long been known by scientists, doctors, and the general public. Yet historically, those who grew it, sold it, and smoked it were subject to large fines and imprisonment due to widely held perceptions that it was a dangerous drug. Today, nearly 40% of Americans live in a state where it is legal to grow their own cannabis for any use.

Marijuana policy and cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal has been pushing the "grow your own" movement for nearly 50 years. In his new book, “The Cannabis Grower’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Marijuana and Hemp Cultivation” (October; Quick American Publishing), he demystifies cannabis, making it easy for anyone to grow it at home for their own use or to start their own business.

Reverently given the nickname “Guru of Ganja” by High Times Magazine in the 1980s, since the late 1960s Ed Rosenthal steadily gained fame as a political agitator, activist, and an expert. In 1999 he was deputized as an officer of the City of Oakland in charge of cultivating starter plants so that patients could grow their own marijuana following the 1996 passage of Prop 215, which legalized the medicinal use of marijuana in California. Three years later he was arrested by the federal government and put on trial for doing just that. Though he was convicted, jury members recanted their verdict after learning they were barred from hearing testimony that what Ed was doing was legal in California. The uproar over this led to his sentencing of one day in jail, with credit for time served on the day of his arrest.

Author and editor of more than a dozen books on marijuana cultivation and social policy (with total sales over one million books), Ed’s new “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook” completely reinvents his best-selling classic “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook.” Written with co-authors Dr. Robert Flannery and Angela Bacca, the book details everything one needs to know in order to grow cannabis, highlighting the many scientific and legal advances achieved in recent years.

“While using marijuana may not be addictive, growing it is,” says Ed. “If my other books helped you grow, ‘Cannabis Grower’s Handbook’ will take you to new highs."

Book Chapters include:

* Choosing Plants to Grow
* The Cannabis Plant Life Cycle
* Hydroponics
* Designing Personal Spaces
* Designing Large Spaces
* When & How to Harvest

With more than 700 thoroughly illustrated pages, the “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook” offers an authoritative and comprehensive guide to growing marijuana. Impeccably researched and written in layman’s terms, the book opens the door to every gardener, marijuana-smoker, and aspiring entrepreneur who is curious about growing their own cannabis.

'Cannabis Grower’s Handbook' provides details about the spectrum of new growing technologies, including:

* LED and adjustable spectrum bulbs
* Permaculture and regenerative farming techniques
* Advanced drying and curing methods and strategies
* Comprehensive integrated pest management
* More than a dozen specialized garden setups

The book offers in-depth instructions for cultivating all cannabis flowering varieties, including hemp-CBD varieties.

Gardening With Ganja

Detailing the latest science, tools, and methods to grow a garden of any size, with the “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook” anyone can cultivate their own marijuana or hemp. Amateur gardeners may opt to add cannabis to their greenhouses and garden beds, benefiting from its therapeutic uses and providing freshly grown ingredients for their very own home-baked edibles.

An Authority on Marijuana Policy

An original member of the revolutionary Yippies, founded by groundbreaking activist Abbie Hoffman, Ed Rosenthal is a sought-after marijuana expert with in-depth knowledge of US cannabis policy who has served as expert witness on marijuana cultivation in federal and state trials. He has advocated for the legalization of marijuana for five decades.

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Cannabis Growers Handbook - Cover Sheet

PRESS RELEASE 6/8/2021 Cannabis Grower's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Marijuana and Hemp Cultivation

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